You clearly never heard of David Gelernter

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You clearly never heard of David Gelernter! As I watch this video, I wonder what you are talking about! If this is an educational program, why do you disrespect your potential users by presenting something which is entirely incomprehensible. How does it even serve learning? I am not surprised people go for Anki. Anki is open source and it clearly states what it does. You do not even need to read the documentation. When I see your video I feel like some astronaut vising and abandoned Russian station on Mars and wondering where is the switch I need: GO HOME!?


Your comparison with a space station is not inaccurate. It is always hard to run complex equipment if you approach it from a wrong angle without a manual. Here is a good starting point for SuperMemo for Windows: ABC (hopefully it is less intimidating).

Secondary storage may indeed seem like a violation of the principle that software should be easy to understand without a manual. However, the existence of secondary storage was necessitated by the fact that presented backup operations may take half a night. It is not the fault of SuperMemo that a terabyte of files takes a longer while to copy over USB. This is why SuperMemo divides its data into small primary storage that needs a backup, and large secondary storage that can be backed up rarely (or never, as in the case of Advanced English).

The video shows very simple operations based on that principle:

  • copying large files
  • moving large files
  • telling SuperMemo where the large files are located

Perhaps it is possible to make it simpler and more intuitive, but the list of similar improvements in SuperMemo goes into thousands and they all need implementation time, documentation time, a great deal of testing time. Secondary storage is not terribly popular. It is the advanced user that goes in that direction. For a pro, the video may turn out pretty useful and far less complicated than for an outsider.