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Open file format, preferably XML. I am the developer of HeadCase and would like my users to be able to export the content of their Mind Maps to SuperMemo; I could do this quite easily if I had a simple XML format to export to.


HeadCase: http://www.loanedgenius.com/

Discussion group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/headcaseinfo (Possibly more appropriate for extended discussion.)


More explanation/help needed!

there is no simple translation from incremental reading to mind maps and back incremental reading tree structure is quite chaotic and the IR "mind map" is truly kept in the mind. Mind maps, on the other hand, are not easily exportable to linear reading material or Q&As

on XML in SuperMemo:

Developer's notes: Mind Maps are conceptually also a tree structure, at least as realised in HeadCase, and HeadCase additionally supports footnotes and/or tool tips attached to every component and hyperlinks to external documents. My user group has shown interest in exporting to SuperMemo or some other kind of flash cards, and the proposals that spring to mind are as follows:

  • Use keywords as Question and footnotes as Answer and export a nested XML structure defining Q&A.
  • Use keywords as Answer and footnotes as Question and export a nested XML structure defining Q&A.
  • Look for Q&A in footnotes defined by a standard syntax and export a nested XML structure defining Q&A.

Additionally, dependent on finding the development time, the SuperMemo XML could be imported to create a skeletal Mind Map tree structure which the user could then embellish and format by hand. I believe that the XML definitions given in the example suffice to do useful work on this, which as so far defined is not incremental reading but a remapping of one tree structure to another. Incremental reading sounds like one of the ultimate aims of HeadCase, which was to generate "reference maps" to disparate sources of information. Rather than reinvent the flat tyre, it might make sense to devote time to identifying commonality and establishing interoperability between the two applications.