Wikipedia import breaks equations

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From: Marcelo
Country: Brazil
Sent: 05/30/17
Subject: Wikipedia import breaks equations


I imported this article: from Wikipedia via Web Import: All with Local pages (elements hold whole web pages), Filter: Wikipedia, Location: Node. It works ok but the equations are shown as Latex code. How can I import the equations as images? I want them to be displayed just like they are displayed in Wikipedia.


You can make Wikipedia generate math formulas in the PNG format in user preferences:

Wikipedia changed from PNG to MathML default in displaying mathematical formulas. To display formulas in SuperMemo, log in to Wikipedia, choose Preferences : Appearance, go to the Math section and choose PNG. Click Save to save the preferences. You will be able to illustrate your elements with PNG formulas and make them proliferate down the knowledge tree with extracts and clozes.

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