Why don't I get an answer to a question posted at SuperMemopedia

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I posted my question at SuperMemopedia.com, and got no answer for a longer while


There may be a number of reasons:

  • question was overlooked
  • question is too difficult, and no one feels competent to answer
  • question is ambiguous, and results in the confusion as to who should answer
  • question requires further research (esp. if programming is involved)
  • too many questions come at the same time (some questions repeat and receive lower priority)
  • question is answered roughly in hints in hope of gathering some feedback, esp. clarification

Old empty answers are periodically search programmatically and filled up if possible. You can also report such answer, or even provide minor changes that will be spotted via Recent changes

Exemplary complaint

I have posted this on 08th October, 2018 and today is 12th Oct and no-one has answer my question.

Answers as Hints

If the answer comes in the hints field, it probably means that your question was not fully understood. Hints should help see the source of misunderstanding. You can then explain where the hints do not apply.