Why I get support but do not get my password?

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All operation related to payment, downloads, registration and passwords require access to customer database. Due to the protection of personal data, this information is not available to support. This is why you may receive replies from support while your start up instructions are sent separately and may be filtered out selectively.


A.W. asked:

I paid seven days ago and you still haven't get the code to activate SuperMemo for heaven's sake. What is the problem? Did you run out of activation codes? Why your support instead of sending the code in the message, responds with some vague information, that the code will be resend. And then they do not send it. This is really bad customer service. What is the next step? Do you ever going to send the code? I don't get the way, your business is operating. You don't want people to use your product or what is the point in this?


Failure to receive password is nearly always caused by spam filters (e.g. at gmail.com).

Support has not access to personal data of customers and the order database.

Moreover, the wording of the message has the impact on delivery. Support replies stands a better chance than a commercial template sent out on a regular basis.

If you do not get the password in a business day, you can provide an alternative e-mail address. In the last resort we use the phone (this is extremely rare).