When will first repetitions come?

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I have just started with SuperMemo and have added over 100 items. I am not getting a set of test questions each day. I'm thinking maybe it's too early for the daily test to show up. But is there anyway I can check if/when the program is going to start doing this?


The fastest way is Ctrl+W (Tools : Workload).

For more see:

Question 2

Also, I have made three collections so far, are the daily tests going to be separated based on the collection or is it going to be the combination of all three collections?

Answer 2

Each collection has its own learning process.

Question 3

Lastly, when I am putting in new stuff, it gives me a message saying that the data has changed back and am wondering what this is. Thank you, Jean McGee

Answer 3

You need to quote the exact message. Perhaps not data but date (in case you changed computer system date in Windows)

Followup to Answer 3

Warning: Date has changed back