Using grouping to combat enumerations

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From: Karl
Country: UK
Sent: Mar 5, 2013, Tue, 01:45
Subject: Grouping and organizing is a great idea to deal with enumerations


You state to avoid enumerations wherever you can and if you cannot avoid them then to deal with them using cloze deletions (overlapping cloze deletions if possible). Also you state that cloze deletions should be simpler than grouping in most cases. Wouldn't grouping though, be avoiding enumerations all together?


Yes. Grouping or organizing your enumerations changes their semantic structure and status. Grouped enumerations obtain a new meaning and as such are no longer enumerations in the learning sense. Cloze deletions might be simpler in that they require just a few clicks, while grouping requires some effort. However, grouping will always be superior and the extra effort will be paid back with better learning and better recall. In other words, you should avoid enumerations, use cloze deletions at the very minimum, and, if possible, try to better organize knowledge for learning. Naturally, once you group your enumerations, they are still best tackled with cloze deletions.