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Your feedback

If SuperMemo annoys you, or you desperately need a new feature, please mail your feedback to:

 help2024@supermemo. org

See below for a list of questions we would love to know your answers to.

Our questions

Here are some important questions that we have. All are optional. You can mail them or answer at here. Most inspiring participants are invited to test new versions of SuperMemo.

  • Are you happy with your SuperMemo? Which version?
  • What do you like most about SuperMemo?
  • What you dislike most?
  • What are the three most painful bugs that need to be fixed?
  • Do you use incremental reading? If so, are you comfortable and proficient? What needs to be improved?
  • Do you make a rich use of concepts to organize your knowledge?
  • Did you try neural review? Do you agree this could be a major breakthrough in creativity and problem solving?
  • Do you sense the improvement coming form Algorithm SM-17?
  • What is your R-metric (measure of algorithmic quality)? You can see it with Tools : Statistics : Analysis : Use (top) : Efficiency (bottom) : R-Metric (bottom). Please send a picture if you have a minute. Thank you.
  • How did you first learn about SuperMemo?
  • For how long have you been using SuperMemo?
  • Which versions of SuperMemo have you used?
  • Do you use other SuperMemos? Which? Other spaced repetition software? Anki? Mnemosyne? Or on-line repetitions? Duolingo? Quizlet? Memrise?
  • Did you ever use SuperMemo freeware? Which version? Did you experience problems with dated versions?
  • How large of a role does SuperMemo play in your life? How did you come to use SuperMemo?
  • Do you expect to use SuperMemo for life?
  • How much time you spend with SuperMemo?
  • How many items have you memorized? (you can submit your statistics with a right-click over the statistics window, and by choosing Report)
  • What is your opinion about the SuperMemo method (aka spaced repetition)?
  • What is your opinion about SuperMemo software?
  • How can we improve the documentation to make your life easier?
  • Please write a few words about yourself that you would like to share: age, education, profession, hobbies, children, goals, country, etc.
  • What things in life make you happy, and what things make you sad? (we are collecting optional voluntary data on the personality of SuperMemo users)

Thank you.

Past feedback

Some past surveys: