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I ran across another bug in SuperMemo 2006.. build 13.16d Sept 22, 2008.

Cannot transfer collections with FLASH, or WMV videos with HTML wrappers (for things like Table Of Contents and the ability to expand to take up the whole screen using Windows Media Player). See the exact code at the end of the message.

When transfering a collection to my students, SuperMemo renames the HTML components (as normal), but does not correctly change the paths inside the HTML component to point to the correct support files. SuperMemo loses the paths to the correct files. The following fail:

1. Links/External File

2. Insert HTML Link/HTML file

3. Copying all the support files into a #_files folder with the same name as the component's HTML file name.

I have even edited the HTML component files to use relative paths and SuperMemo still does not change the path correctly when transfering to another student.

I have put images in the HTML component so that SuperMemo will make a support folder #_files. Then I copied the HTML file I wanted to LINK to, inside this #_files folder. Then I added the link using "Insert HTML Link/HTML file" component menu command. All worked fine until I transfered to another student's collection. Neither the path to the image file or the HTML link file was correct. I then edited (notepad) the component's HTML file and changed the paths to relative paths (for the image and for the other HTML file). When I transferd the element, the image file's path was changed correctly, but the path for the linked HTML file was left pointing to the old path.

It may be that the "href" command in the HTML code is never checked to see if it points to a support file inside this component's #_files folder.

The Links/External File (1st one above) method gave me a shortcut file. I tried editing it to use a local path, but that was not allowed.

Here is the raw text from the HTML file that has the wrong relative path after transfering to another collection:

<FONT color=#080000 Add ONLY a link:

<A href="4_files/WMV-2nd-test-TOC-Wide.html">Link</A>

<IMG height=34 src="4_files/527.jpg" width=65>

  The error is in the line:

<A href="4_files/WMV-2nd-test-TOC-Wide.html">Link</A>

It should read:

<A href="2_files/WMV-2nd-test-TOC-Wide.html">Link</A>

The "4" should have been changed to a "2" because SuperMemo changed the original file name from "4.htm" to "2.htm" and copied all the support files from "4_files" folder to a new folder called "2_files".

Here is an email I sent on 11-17-08. I have not heard any reply, so I will include here.

I ran across another bug in SuperMemo 2006.. build 13.16d Sept 22, 2008.

The HTML component loses track of the support files. One of your previous email said all the support files have to be inside a folder with the same name as the HTML component, with the addition of "_files". I have used this many times and it works.

BUT, when the HTML component has a link to a wmv video (or flash video) with HTML wrappers, all the support files either;

1. do not get transferred, or 2. the transfer keeps the old folder's name but renames the HTML component so it cannot be transferred to another student's collection, or 3. the support files get transferred to a correctly renamed folder, but the HTML code inside the HTML component has the old relative path (path points to the folder's previous name in the collection it was transferred from).

The videos work great, as long as I do not try to transfer them to my students' collections.

What I am trying to do, is to embed videos that have a table of contents (they use an HTML wrapper with css and js files). They work great as long as I do not transfer the elements. Your wmv player is limited in capability, and the WinXP Windows Media Player works great inside SuperMemo. Also FLASH works great in SuperMemo. But neither will transfer their support files.

How do I 1. Get SuperMemo to transfer the support files with the videos 2. Get SuperMemo to change all the HTML code to get it's paths to point to the new folder it creates in the new student's collection.

I have tried for hours many different variations, and none of them work completely.