Updating SuperMemo for Windows

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Updating SuperMemo

To update SuperMemo, run the installation program again. It should alert you on the availability of updates. Only the newest version is updated often (esp. shortly after the release).


For example, if you have SuperMemo ver. 19.00, you can update to 19.03 by running sm19inst.exe again.

Newest version

See: Info Box (updates to this page may lag by a few days)

Older installations

If the installer does not provide the update option for your current installation, it means that the location of the installation has not been stored in Windows registry. You can then make a full installation in a newly created folder. You can then move your collections to the new installation, or just copy sm19.exe from the new installation to the old location (e.g. d:\sm19new\sm19.exe to d:\sm19\sm19.exe). However, the most comprehensive and universal solution is to do a full install in the old location along the following procedure:

  1. back up all your collections
  2. run sm19inst.exe
  3. choose Clean install
  4. in Choose install folder, chose the folder of your old installation
  5. in file overwrite, answer No to all questions with the exception to sm19.exe (in particular, do not overwrite ABC of SuperMemo in case you added your own learning material)
  6. run sm19inst.exe each time you want to update SuperMemo