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SuperMemo documentation

SuperMemopedia provides supplementary SuperMemo documentation produced collectively with users of SuperMemo.

Official documentation: SuperMemo Help

Supplementary documentation: SuperMemoPedia

See also: (independent of SuperMemo World)

Asking questions

  1. Go to
  2. Click Log in link at top right corner
  3. Type Username: "SuperMemoUser"
  4. Type Password: "SuperMemo2022"
  5. Click the Log in button
  6. Edit SuperMemopedia like any other wiki
  7. Ask your questions here


To correct an article, click Edit at the top of the page.

Adding articles

To add an article:

  1. edit a page that will link to your article
  2. add the title of your article in double angle brackets, e.g. [[SuperMemo 19]]
  3. save the page and click on the newly created hyperlink
  4. write the text of your new article

About SuperMemopedia

Idea: Len Budney, 2002

Implementation: Miko Hejwosz, October 2004

Server: SuperMemo World

Editors: users of SuperMemo