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Update (May 2019)

SuperMemo 18 has been released in May 2018. See:

Question (Nov 2017)

mani asked:

As much as I enjoy SuperMemo 17 (which I was a beta tester and previous versions to that), I am eager to know what's next and how can I help make SM better. Can you please notify me when you have next alpha/beta release?

Answer (Nov 2017)

SuperMemo 18 is far away in the future. SuperMemo 17 has not been closed yet. Improvements to Algorithm SM-17 are the main reason. There are still no incremental changes to update memory matrix structures (like in older SuperMemos). Sorry to disappoint.


SuperMemo 18 beta-testing pool will be no more than 200 users. In case of SuperMemo, bigger numbers do not improve the quality of testing.

The beta-testing pool is composed of:

  • most prolific bug spotters
  • most creative feature propositions (limited to realistic creativity)
  • old-timer beta testers (like you)
  • portion of new users, esp. skeptics

Proportions are not set in stone. We go for quality of reporting most of all. Users get notified on the go or from the pre-compiled tester list (which is also based on prior beta-testing programs)