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SuperMemo 12 for Windows aka SuperMemo 2004 freeware can be downloaded here: SuperMemo 2004

What is SuperMemo?

SuperMemo is a learning method, upon which a software of the same name is built.

SuperMemo software is a learning tool, a kind of application often called a flashcard software. This definition is oversimplified, however, as Supermemo is much more.

In rather literal a sense, Supermemo serves as a kind of electronic backup brain for its user, storing and protecting those pieces of knowledge which he or she wishes most to remember.

You synchronize SuperMemo - your backup brain - with your brain daily, via learning - a process of repeating already learned knowledge and remembering a new knowledge. Supermemo has an efficient algorithm in place that ensures minimum time consumption for maximum (user adjustable) retention (retention is "how much you remember").

SuperMemo is best used for long term learning, although cramming before exams is possible too. Other functions of SuperMemo include incremental reading (method of reading and acquiring knowledge from electronic texts), plans and tasklists.

Start with SuperMemo

SuperMemo is an application that is very powerful and confusing at the same time. The first steps for help are:


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