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  • Your Suggestions - submit your new suggestions here. Be sure you read the lists below to avoid submitting multiple times
  • Suggestions In Consideration - ideas that have been placed on the implementation tasklist (they may or might not be implemented depending on importance, feasibility, cost, etc.)
  • Suggestions Not In Consideration - ideas that cannot be implemented, e.g. not possible, prohibitively expensive or complex, bug-prone, or ideas that quarrel with some basic tenets of SuperMemo
  • Suggestions that are too general - suggestions that need to be more specific to be acted upon (e.g. Please make SuperMemo easier to use should be expanded with details on what specific improvements could make it easier for you)
  • Suggestions Not Understood - ideas that need your further comment or explanation
  • Suggestions Implemented - ideas submitted that have already been implemented
  • Options to remove or restore in SuperMemo
  • In design - incomplete ideas that are likely to be implemented if their design gaps are closed and the design becomes coherent
  • In implementation - ideas that are currently being implemented (some implementations might be rejected at later stages even if completed successfully)
  • In processing - suggestion lists that need to be processed item by item

SuperMemo is not democratic

Users of SuperMemo often complain that they suggestions get ignored. They would naturally want to have more control over development. However, SuperMemo is not democratic. User feedback is welcome, but ultimate decisions must take into account a number of factors, e.g. technical limitations, available expertise, costs, trade secrets, market research, science of learning (which may be counterintuitive), etc.

a word from CEO: Development at SuperMemo World is driven by the science of learning, and by market research. In particular, is crafted to find a compromise between effective learning strategies and user needs. As such, the control of the development process cannot be in any way delegated to a third party. We always welcome your feedback though. SuperMemo for Windows is an exception in that it entirely focuses on improving learning strategies, esp. in reference to incremental reading. It seeks no compromise in terms of wide appeal. Again, it cannot relinquish control of development. On occasion, it can rely on outsourcing the development of subcomponents, however, the choice of tasks and their definition must be determined with complete subservience to the goal of efficient learning.

Why don't you implement?

Why my fantastic suggestion has not been implemented?

Website suggestions

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