Storage import ambiguities when synchronizing via XML

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From: P.S.
Country: Poland
Sent: Jan 3, 2015
Subject: AE2014


I can't figure our how I can decide where my synchronized collection keeps files that come from secondary storage of Advanced English 2014.

I have the option Modify secondary storage, which I supposed I should check, but then I am asked:

   Do you want to integrate all files with the target file system?
   Yes: all files will be incorporated in the new collection \elements folder
   No: files will be left on or copied to the secondary storage (if possible)

Can you please explain what that message means? I understand the words and concepts but not the meaning!


  • Modify secondary storage is the permission for SuperMemo to tinker with your secondary storage. If you do not grant that permission, the secondary storage will not change and all files will land inside your collection (\elements)(if you choose to integrate them in the next step)
  • if you answer No to Do you want to integrate all files, there will be no attempt to integrate files with your collection. You will then need to use or point to secondary storage associated with the original XML file

If you happen to update old Advanced English with a new XML file, choose Modify secondary storage and No at Integrate?. This way all secondary storage files will land in your secondary storage (rather than the original storage associated with the XML update).