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From: Peter S.
Country: Switzerland
Subject: Resources on item formulation theory


I am interested in creating an exhaustive compilation of links concerning item formulation theory. Though it would be nice to have a comprehensive, wide ranging formal and accessible item formulation theors, I have for now encountered only the '20 rules of formulating knowledge in learning' and Mr. Wozniak's thesis.


Links (add them here!):

Below are various articles on how to formulate flashcards (cards). The reader is advised to read them with a critical eye, and evaluate by themselves whether the advice they contain is sensible and useful. Some of the tips may not agree with SuperMemo's twenty principles of item formulation. For example, Antimoon's "sentence items", although in my opinion effective and useful, seem to slightly contradict SuperMemo's minimum information principle (also see here [1]):


Study Shack


New York Times

SuperMemo: suggested card symbols and conventions

Procedural SuperMemo: efficient learning of skills

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