References created within a paragraph extend to the entire paragraph

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Suppose there is a paragraph "This article was written on Jan 4, 2009, by XYZ" in some article. Then "Jan 4, 2009" is selected and a date reference is created. Extracts made from the article, however, have "#Date: Jan 4, 2009, by XYZ" at the end. That is, the date reference of the extracts (and of the parent article) is the selected part ("Jan 4, 2009") up to the end of the paragraph. Obviously, the reference should only be the part contained in <span class=headers>.


This is a known nuisance that should be corrected in the future.

(problems that are easily worked around often result in few complaints even though they could understandably produce significant cost if affecting many users - this is why it is a good idea to complain about little things at this wiki or via e-mail to make sure "little things" do not get overlooked)