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From: Arek
Country: Poland
Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2018 4:52 PM
Subject: Matematyka - problemy z filtrowaniem wiki


When I import Wikipedia articles in mathematics into SuperMemo 17, the program leaves a lot of unfiltered content, e.g. {\displaystyle S\rightarrow X}

Please try importing General topology as an example.


You need to set math as PNG in Wikipedia preferences.

This is how your text should look like after imports:

Math as PNG from Wikipedia
Math as PNG from Wikipedia

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Original text

Gdy importuje strony matematyczne z wikipedii do Sm17, pozostawie wiele "krzakow" np. {\displaystyle S\rightarrow X}

Prosze sprobowac np. "General topology" z wikipedii.

Another user's report

The PNG option doesn't seem to be available now. Any suggestions?


You can use SuperMemo Assistant (esp. the LaTeX and Regex plugins).