Problems cloze deleting Chinese text

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From: Larry
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Sent: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 05:20:41 -0800
Subject: I_may_find_a_bug_about_clozed_function


I may find a bug about clozed function. When I selected some words and tried to clozed it, I find the highlight text was not my selected. And the generated item’s answer is right, but the question is wrong.

I have attach the screenshot with this Email. I wish it can help you know what had happened.


This is a known bug in Internet Explorer (documented elsewhere on this site). Currently, there is no software workaround to fix the issue in SuperMemo. The simplest two workarounds for users:

  1. delete a cloze that is misaligned. In all cases tested, second cloze always works correctly
  2. correct the position of the cloze bracket [...]. In all cases tested, the answer is extracted correctly

For details see: Cloze_deletions_get_shifted_by_one_character

follow up question

Do you think Internet Explorer has problems with ranges on Unicode characters?


This problem affects Latin/ANSI texts as well.