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From: Hughie
Country: Ireland
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Sometimes when I use the keyboard combination Ctrl + ] to increase text size, the letters stick together and the text looks...ugly. Why does this happen?


There are many possible reasons and they are all related to how Internet Explorer interprets HTML tags and the font size command. The best way to find out is to look into HTML code (e.g. with Ctrl+Shift+F6).

If your font size command results in producing a tag FONT size=7, you can see what tags precede FONT to override it. Those preceding commands will depend on the choices of the webmaster who produced the website from which you import.

If your text is short, you can convert it to plain text and get rid of all HTML formatting (e.g. with Shift+Ctrl+F12). This will make it responsive to font size commands.

If you change the size of the font for the whole text, you can alternatively do it with styles (e.g. Text : Style : Edit style on the component menu).

You can also paste here snippets of code for some advice (or mail them) with link to this entry at You can also point to the site from which you import. Webmasters often care more about looks and frills than about functionality, let alone easy life for users of SuperMemo. However, upon import, you can always apply HTML filters (F6) and resolve 80-85% of problems.

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