Problem memorizing freshly imported items

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From: Paul G.
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2011 12:48 AM
Subject: Importing Test Questions


When importing test questions in the Q: A: format under File, Tools, Import, Q&A text, and selecting the file and selecting the template, then what else is required to actually find these new items to memorize?

I press Learn and all I see is "Nothing more to learn".


  • It is possible that the Q&A text file was wrongly formatted and your items have not been imported into SuperMemo. To confirm this, press F5 and check the Statistics window (on the left) for the Pending parameter. It should have increased by the amount of items stored in the Q&A text file. If it has not, read Formatting_Q&A
  • Remember that you will see Nothing more to learn also in cases where you have all items scheduled for review in the future (i.e. not today)
  • You could send your Q&A file for inspection to learn more