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Seeing the recent announcement for an upcoming SuperMemo 19 and the inevitable fulfillment of the prophecy concerning IE... would you consider making a more OS and Browser-agnostic SM or perhaps a single codebase for different OS's, such as what is possible with the latest RAD studio from Embarcadero?

Also: GPT-4, Claude v2, and Copilot are great programming pals and make things happen much faster. You can even upload large chunks of documentation, or have the LLMs ingest entire books worth of documentation, if they don't already know how to do something.

And while I'm at it, could SM 19 have plugin support? I'm sure the community would be all over that.

Perhaps it would even make sense to use an open-source chrome and Firefox extension that feeds SM with the desired data.


Browser agnostic

Sounds like an awful lot of work. SuperMemo might be browser-agnostic via native messaging. But it took a different route by taking advantage of Microsoft testing interfaces.

>"Perhaps it would even make sense to use an open-source chrome and Firefox extension that feeds SM with the desired data"

This assumes SuperMemo uses native messaging, which is the recommended way of exchanging data with the browser and is supported among browsers. This is the route we took several years ago. Pity all that effort went down the drain

see: Browser extension(s) to save web content directly to SuperMemo

Similar ideas/concerns

It might make sense to integrate all ideas into one:

Summary of user propositions

  • Some users wish for a version of SuperMemo that is compatible with different operating systems, such as Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.
  • Some users suggest using web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., to create a cross-platform SuperMemo that runs on browsers or web apps.
  • Some users propose reworking the SuperMemo interface and functionality to make it more user-friendly, intuitive, modern and customizable.
  • Some users envision a future SuperMemo that integrates with other tools and services, such as Anki, Roam Research, Obsidian, etc., to allow for seamless knowledge management and learning.
  • Some users discuss the challenges and trade-offs of developing a new SuperMemo, such as preserving the existing features and data, ensuring security and privacy, maintaining performance and stability, etc.
  • Some users express their appreciation and gratitude for the current SuperMemo and its developers, and hope for continued support and improvement.