Non-default learning always falls back to the default order

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Gutmanas wrote:

I have a bunch of non-memorized elements in my collection.

When I right-click a folder in the contents window and select learn, I am shown the first element from that folder, as expected.

But, once I answer it, the next element shown is the next element in the pending queue - which isn't even from that folder!

I would have expected to see the next element in the folder instead.

But, if I press cancel and then learn again, I get a dialog asking whether to resume subset learning - and if I accept, I am shown the next element in the folder. But, the one after that is going to be the first in the pending queue again, requiring me to press cancel and learn again...

Note that I get the same behavior if I pick process branch > learning > learn on the folder rather than just learn.

A related bug is that if I open the pending queue, sort it by the order of the knowledge tree and select learn the displayed elements in the displayed sequence, my order gets completely ignored and learning proceeds according to the default order of the pending queue.

How can I workaround these bugs in the meanwhile?

It seems like subset learning works only for already memorized items, rather than pending items.


If you have a branch that you want to memorize in a specific order, the best approach is to Spread the elements over a period of time while retaining the repetition sequence. For example, you can spread the branch at 3 elements per day over a period. If you happen to have time for more than 3 elements on a given day, you can use Add to outstanding to add more elements of that branch to the outstanding queue.

pending queue problem

As for subset review and pending items, this would need to be investigated. Bugs are possible due to the fact that the pending queue is only used with ready-made collections. In newer SuperMemos, all new elements are automatically added to the learning process.

Tasklist priority

The branch learn mode has been reworked in SuperMemo 17 for the sake of neural learning, and caused a lot of debugging issues in beta-testing. This is a bit more complex than it can be seen from the outside. Pending queue is of lower priority these days due to new algorithm and overload handling, which makes pending relevant only for ready-made collection. There will be more testing needed. See: subset review.

Version update

This bug is still present in 17.3.

Steps to reproduce

We could not reproduce this bug in SuperMemo 17 (ver. 17.3). To warrant further investigation, you need to describe your procedure precisely, step by step. See also Help : About if you have the newest version indeed. This bug has been removed not so long ago.

Comment by another user: I believe the problem relates to pending items. This has been discussed multiple times in other Wiki entries. It is no longer recommended to use pending items in the new SM, so I would suggest just using "Remember" on all of these items and then assign priorities to the items as they come up in the learning process. I believe this would fix the issue. If the items are not pending, please clarify.