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How can I implement formulas coded in Latex in an easy way in Supermemo?

Answer 1

(or, using only keyboard, paste HTML to SuperMemo, select HTML in SuperMemo, and de-HTMLize Ctrl+Shift+1)

Answer 2

There is no direct way to write Latex code in SuperMemo. But there is a workaround to use mathematical equations that works fast and fine! Note: This workaround does not use the complex import of pictures that represent formulas. It implements real HTML Code.

1. create HTML Frame in Supermemo

2. go to website to translate formula into HTML representation

3. after left klick on "translate" you see a html page that displays you formula (maybe it has some errors: just ignore that!)

4. Press Strg+u to show the sourcecode of the HTML website

5. copy the HTML-Code (just this string that represents the fomula) to clipboard

6. In Supermemo: klick text->Paste HTML

Answer 3

Same as above, but probably faster:

  1. translate the formula using TEX to HTML translator
  2. use Alt+V and C to see the source code of the formula (View : Source in the browser)
  3. copy HTML code to the clipboard
  4. paste it to SuperMemo with Ctrl+N (or Ctrl+Alt+N in older SuperMemos)
  5. use Ctrl+A to select the code in SuperMemo
  6. use Ctrl+Shift+1 to "deHTMLize" (i.e. convert HTML to formatted text and formulas)

Answer 4

I don't know why this hasn't been suggested before. I've used it for a long time, originally with Anki and now with SuperMemo and it works very well for this need.

  1. use a tool such as (for simple stuff) or (for heavy use) or MathType software to generate the display from the LaTeX source
  2. take screenshot snippet of the rendered output (use built-in Windows WIN+S or WIN+N,S if you have OneNote or alternately get any open source hotkey-based screen snipping tool)
  3. paste the screen snippet into image component

This process actually goes very quickly. Here is an example where LaTeX was used exactly as described and the resulting images pasted in:

If the desire is to have the LaTeX always available one can create a template specifically for LaTeX items that has an image component to hold the rendered image pasted in and a text component to hold the LaTeX code. Then it would be easy to copy out the LaTeX code if it needs to be edited, paste it into an online editor and repeat the process.

Answer 5: MathML

Use MathML via Math Player.

After installing Math Player you can paste MathML via right-click -> Text -> PasteHTML.

Any page that uses MathJax you can right-click a formula and use Show Math As -> MathML Code.

Answer 6: LaTeX

You can use LaTeX from SuperMemo Assistant. See: LaTeX in SuperMemo

image snippets

for "snippets", no external application is needed:

  1. PrintScreen
  2. paste to image component
  3. Alt+click
  4. Ctrl+swipe off the sides that are not needed

(more: visual learning, visual learning at Help SuperMemo 17)

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