Line breaks are lost upon importing an XML file created in SuperMemo for Pocket PC to SuperMemo 2006

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From: liang huan
Sent: Jul 29, 2007, 13:53:07
Subject: Problems with SuperMemo 2006

When I export from SuperMemo 3.6 for Pocket PC (.sdb export to xml), and import XML to SuperMemo 2006 for Windows, the line format is changed, for example,

In SM36PPC, it is: (THREE LINES)

I have a flower, 
it is red, 
it is beautiful. 

It become like this in SM2006Win (ONE LINE)

I have a flower, it is red, it is beautiful.

Follow up

Can you paste a piece of XML here? What method do you use to export from SDB to XML?


It looks like break tags are missing. You need to use HTML to make sure BR tags are generated. EOL characters in plain text are ignored by HTML parsers (this is not how SuperMemo works, but how HTML is interpreted by Internet Explorer)


SuperMemo 15 converts line breaks to <br> to help avoid this problem.