Leech grades are not translated

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Localization Table bug in SuperMemo 17.40: Using Main Menu>Tools>Options>Language Tab>Localization Table, create translations for the various grades (Great, Good, Pass, Fail, Bad). Translations work fine in the element window during normal repetitions. However, the "Leech Alert!" dialog does not use the translations -- it uses the originals.


  • Translations are limited in scope due to the fact they are only supposed to ease in a new users at the Beginner level. This means that most of the functionality available at higher levels is not translated.
  • The best approach to tackling leeches is eradication. As leeches can clog up the learning process, they either need to be reformulated, or tackled with mnemonic techniques. Very often, a good approach is to just delete leeches. A common myth is that shorter intervals will help the problem go away. In reality, without changing the underlying memory, the leech will always be a leech