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  1. At what age does SuperMemo stop working?
  2. The algorithm should include a correction for mental fatigue
  3. Anthony Metivier is a memory quack


  1. When will first repetitions come?
  2. How many repetitions are too many?
  3. How to tackle medical knowledge?
  4. Can SuperMemo reduce comprehension?
  5. One collection or many?
  6. Learning for SuperMemo before an exam
  7. Why are cloze first intervals so long in SuperMemo?
  8. Why is final drill inactive?
  9. Is it necessary to always complete Final Drill
  10. How will redundancy affect my memory
  11. SuperMemo not good enough to understand physics!
  12. Grade not visible when using multiple-choice test
  13. How to drill again and again when there is no outstanding material


  1. How to reset a leech after a reformulation?
  2. Cramming for an exam

Subset review

  1. Grand review of material before an exam
  2. How can I review a branch again on the same day?
  3. How to randomize the material for learning in a branch?
  4. Random review for a branch
  5. How to plan the scheduling of items that performed badly?
  6. When should we integrate collections?


  1. Too many items! Discouraging!
  2. How to memorize 1600 words at 10 min per day?
  3. How to slowly learn a large collection?
  4. Returning to repetitions after 3-year-long break
  5. Mercy, Advance and Postpone
  6. Is the priority feature suitable and how to best use it
  7. Postpone does not work as expected


  1. How to globally replace one picture with another
  2. Warning: Date has changed back
  3. contradiction in statistics
  4. Merging portions of Advanced English


  1. How do I delete repetition history for an element?
  2. How to sort the pending queue
  3. Why is the amount of leeches in my collection constantly growing while my retention improves?
  4. How to randomize learning in a reset collection?
  5. Higher grades can produce shorter intervals
  6. Is it possible to disable the automatic drill cutting?
  7. Postpone causes a big increase in intervals
  8. Custom algorithms
  9. Positioning components