Integrating SuperMemo with artificial intelligence

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Proposed by Wrath0flog1c:

Start brainstorming, keep as long-term vision. We propose a small-scale project for AI integration, such as developing an AI-based suggestion system for optimizing repetition intervals. Success in this endeavor could pave the way for further AI integration in SuperMemo.


SuperMemo Algorithm

This is the outline of work over AI algorithm: Pioneering Spaced Repetition with LSTMs

My first steps

I have no ideas on integration, but I already love Bing combined with incremental reading. I can take the toughest article on quantum mechanics. Bing will help me go through it sentence by sentence. Each time I do not understand, I ask for explanation and additional literature. I paste explanations to extracts (under the original text). I process them incrementally too. I use cloze deletion when I worry, I might forget. On some article that I could not crack, my comprehension increased like 1000%. This is great for pleasure of learning