Installing Phonetic Transcription Registry

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The phonetic transcription registry can be used to provide the phonetic transcription of texts in SuperMemo. It can also be used in spell-checking.

Downloading the registry

  • new SuperMemos (SuperMemo 15 or later): Download the Unicode version of the registry
  • older SuperMemos (SuperMemo 14 or older): Use the old ANSI version of the registry with the IPA font (SuperMemo_IPA.ttf)
  • your own registry: To convert your own version of the transcription registry to Unicode use the Pronunciation.flt filter

Creating Phonetic Transcription Registry

In Toolkit : Options, use Language tab, type the name of phonetic registry at Phonetic transcription. Click OK. Empty phonetic registry will be created. It can be expanded with Pronunciation: Add in the commander.

Installing Phonetic Transcription Registry

To install Phonetic Transcription Registry in SuperMemo, do the following:

  1. close SuperMemo
  2. create the [Phonetic] folder in your SuperMemo folder (if it does not exist). For example, c:\supermemo\phonetic\
  3. copy registry to that folder (remember to unzip the registry if you have downloaded as The registry is made of 8 files (4 files per each twin registry for the words and for their transcriptions). For example, English phonetic transcription is made of English1.mem, English2.mem, English1.ptr, English2.ptr, etc.
  4. start SuperMemo
  5. in SuperMemo, in Tools : Options : Language : Phonetic transcription choose the installed registry (e.g. English). Click OK

Testing the registry

You may need to turn the professional level with File : Level : Professional.

  1. to see if the transcriptions work, press Alt+Y to transcribe an exemplary text (transcribed text components should be in the display mode)
  2. to review the registry lexicon, use Search : Other registries : Pronunciation by word
  3. to review the transcriptions sorted alphabetically, see Search : Other registries : Pronunciation by sound

TypeIt and SuperMemo

Editing the registry in SuperMemo is now much easier. You could use any tool that supports Unicode or paste the transcriptions directly from a dictionary. One of the best tools for editing phonetic transcription is a new TypeIt application recently published by With one keystroke, you can activate an ingenious typing mode that makes typing IPA codes a breeze.

You are most likely to use the following editing methods:

  • Edit : Edit Texts : Add pronunciation - to add a new word-transcription pair
  • Search : Other registries : Pronunciation by word (with a click on the transcription window) - to edit transcriptions
  • Search : Other registries : Pronunciation by sound - to edit transcribed words

Advanced English

New SuperMemos use Unicode in their collections. This necessitates an upgrade to the proprietary English Phonetic Transcription registry shipped with older Advanced English and derived collections. If you use newer SuperMemos and need to convert this registry, you have the following options:

  1. if you modified the phonetic registry, use a filter that can convert your registry to Unicode
  2. if your registry did not change (or you do not care about the changes), download the new version above