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From: Tom Hunt
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Sent: Sep 24, 2011
Subject: issues with video elements


Any time the youtube video has to rewind, the youtube connection hangs, with just the spinny circle of loading going on and on until a few minutes later, when youtube stops trying and says "an error occurred, please try again later". this can only be worked around, so far as i've been able to find, by exiting and restarting supermemo, which again causes about a 30 second interruption. this will also occur during normal repetitions, i.e. no further extracts made from the first-level video extracts


This problem seems to be absent in newer versions of SuperMemo.

The erorr would occur occasionally for various reasons, incl. difficulty in accessing However, if this occurs frequently, it is more likely to be a local problem specific to your PC, your Windows and your software (incl. Flash and Internet Explorer).

In SuperMemo 16, you can change the version of YouTube Player. Ver. 2 is more likely to hang up due to the faulty use of resources. Ver. 3 is more likely to hang temporarily on files that display adverts in YouTube.

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SuperMemo does not have any influence on this error or YouTube performance. It employs YouTube API to handle YouTube videos. You can inspect the script in the bin folder. The rest is up to your Internet Explorer, Windows, PC, network connnection, Flash, YouTube, and other players.