Incremental reading seems useful for users with reading difficulties

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Upon watching videos about incremental reading, Michael Fulton wrote:

I think it's more for folks with english as a second language or learning difficulties and it takes more time for them to understand an article than it does to read along and sound out the words


The purpose of SuperMemo is not just reading or speed-reading. The purpose is to generate materials for spaced repetition while reading. This makes it possible to read without the cost of forgetting. SuperMemo improves comprehension as well as speed, and you can balance the two at will. Only incremental reading makes it possible to speed up without a toll in comprehension. The advantages will actually show more clearly in knowledgeable and fluent readers. You can even say it is unsuitable for those who read with poor comprehension (more damage than benefit)(see: Hating SuperMemo). You can read more about advantages of incremental reading here