Incremental reading in pictures

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Incremental reading can also be used to process paper notes. A scanner or a digital camera can be used to take pictures of the notes. PDF files can also be processed effectively as images.

Basic principles of incremental reading in pictures are the same as in incremental reading. Only the toolset differs. In addition, text searches cannot be executed unless high-quality OCR software is used or picture texts are annotated manually.

SuperMemo 2008

see: Visual Learning

SuperMemo 2006

In SuperMemo 2006, this are a bit harder:

  1. Extracting texts: Extracting portion of a picture from a larger picture
  2. Cloze deletion require converting pictures to text notes or using occlusion tests
  3. Reading points cannot be used
  4. Other tools of incremental reading (Postpone, Priority queue, etc.) are the same