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  1. How can I Import from Wikipedia
  2. How can I import a folder with pictures?
  3. How can I merge one collection with another
  4. How can I convert PDF files for use with SuperMemo?

Web import

  1. Synchronization with
  2. Pictures display as x when importing from a site

Advanced English

  1. for imports, exports and upgrades of Advanced English see Advanced English 2014
  2. Can I move learning process from Advanced English to Extreme English collection?
  3. Can you help me merge my Advanced English database?
  4. How to convert the Extreme English DVD to SM 2004 collection?


  1. Importing from Anki to SuperMemo
  2. Import from Mnemosyne


  1. Element does not have an ID number on XML import
  2. Marking a media file as part of the answer in an XML import file
  3. Importing my own database via XML
  4. Importing images via XML
  5. Problems with Korean import via XML
  6. Problems with umlauts in XML exchange

Q&A format

  1. Using MSExcel for Q&A files
  2. Order of items in Q&A text file
  3. Formatting Q&A
  4. Squares in Q&A files
  5. Q&A text file import fails to import all members of the file
  6. Import sound file in Q&A...
  7. Error importing UTF-8 encoded Q&A text file

Older SuperMemos

  1. Upgrading from SuperMemo 8 to SuperMemo 18
  2. How can I open SuperMemo 2004 collection with SuperMemo 2002?
  3. Upgrading from SuperMemo 98
  4. Problems with import from SuperMemo 7
  5. Importing data from SuperMemo 6


  1. Importing a batch of pictures
  2. Batch import media for language learning
  3. How can I import anatomy pictures in my collection easily?
  4. Problems with Japanese: export and import
  5. Problem at Importing of learing Process
  6. Importing German vocabulary from MS Word
  7. Latex in SuperMemo
  8. Will SuperMemo 2006 Ctrl-Alt-N handle PDF-based articles better?


  1. Formatting HTML exports - Example


  1. How do I import sleep data from Excel or text files into SleepChart?


  1. Problems_with_importing_bulk_mail_from_MS_Outlook
  2. E-mailing collection


  1. Are PC and Pocket PC databases compatible?
  2. How can I move my repetitions from Windows to Pocket PC?
  3. How much of the Windows version material will port to the Palm?
  4. sm2004 & Incremental reading & transfer to PPC