I registered but got no reply

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I sent my registration, but I have not received a reply within the promised business day


We stick to one business day reply rule. If you feel the rule is broken, please try to get in touch again.


  • some registrations do not arrive (particularly from China, and from qq.com addresses)(we check if it can be improved with spam filter rules)
  • some mail arrives at old addresses that are mail blackholes (we have configured a bounceback to alert you, but you need to see if your mailing software detects error 550 "no such user")
  • some of our replies do not get to the destination (possibly due to spam filters)
  • you can try a contact form if you suspect spam issues
  • you can leave a note at SuperMemopedia so that we could monitor your case (see: Why don't you answer my e-mail?)
  • you can send the message from your customer page at SuperMemo Store