How to produce many items with the same question about many different pictures?

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From: AWL
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Sent: Feb 16, 2015
Subject: recognizing plants


I would like to have many items with the same question and the same answer:

Q: What species is this?
A: Eriophyllum staechadifolium

All those items should have different pictures of seaside woolly sunflower (perhaps 10-20 pictures). Needless to say, I do not want to type the text 20 times, or import each picture to each item separately. I just want them all found in one go with Google : Images.


This is one of many methods you might use:

  • create your question-and-answer item
  • use web import with Page of images option (remember to leave Location : Current to make sure you import to the current element)
  • use Dismember and choose the question and the answer to propagate to all children (images will be "dismembered" and added separately to all child elements)
  • use Make item in the browser to turn all children to items (Dismember always produces topics)
  • use Apply template in the browser to give all items uniform look