How should SecondaryStorage variable be interpreted in XML?

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Am I right to think [SecondaryStorage] should be replaced by a folder name of the same name as the corresponding XML file with "_files" appended to its name? I.e. If the XML file is ABC OF SUPERMEMO 16 (all elements).xml, [SecondaryStorage] should be replaced by [ABC OF SUPERMEMO 16 (all elements)_files] (skipping the square brackets)?


No. [SecondaryStorage] should be replaced by filepath+xml_filename+_files\elements.

In your case it might be d:\supermemo\systems\ABC OF SUPERMEMO 16 (all elements)_files\elements.

This might then produce a specific filename like: d:\supermemo\systems\ABC OF SUPERMEMO 16 (all elements)_files\elements\3\30\25\36251.jpg

For more see: Importing XML to other applications