First impression: SuperMemo does not work!

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From: M.A.S.
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Sent: Dec 19, 2012
Subject: Spacing repetition not really visible


I don't see Supermemo 15 actually doing any scheduling. I'm pretty sure it's repeating stuff I can't remember in a pattern that it thinks is good for me, however, the question/answer pairs are one after the other and not scheduled by date at all. It is on the beginner level. Is that why? Does it need to be on a higher level?

I created about 20 question/answer pairs related to programming variables (I know content has nothing to do with the way your algorithm works).

I'm anxious to hear back from you.

Meanwhile, I'm expanding my computer science lessons and trust that your answer will explain the whole thing to me.


Your impressions are not unusual. However, you will see the effects of learning even if you continue without change. You do not need to go to the Professional Level even though you will have there more statistics to see the effects of spaced repetition. If all you care is the effects, you can just add more questions-and-answer and use Learn daily. You can use Ctrl+W to have a quick glance at what is happening with your items in the calendar. That option is not visible at the beginner level, but the shortcut is available. The impression of sequential review will dissipate as soon as you build up more material. Alternatively, you might read about auto-sort options and priorities, but those are best tackled after you get accustomed to your daily learning routine.

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