Exemplary problems to solve in SuperMemo via open source

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In the past we have published a couple of problems that are hard to solve in SuperMemo. They were mostly associated with technicalities of Internet Explorer that would notoriously consume a huge chunk of development costs. There was not much success with this approach. Probably the problems were really hard or SuperMemo community isn't large enough to find contributors competent in said areas.

This page might be used for finding solutions to problems pestering SuperMemo for ages due to technical obstacles (i.e. not deficit in development time).


  • convert PDF to HTML
  • use direct sound capture
  • get image URLs via automation

If you have good knowledge in any of the above, we can fill out the details with "programmer's specification"

For example:

procedure RecordSound(FileName: string);

This procedure might replace the one currently used (written in the 1990s)

 WaveFormat.nChannels := 2;            // Stereo
 WaveFormat.nSamplesPerSec := 44100;    // Sample rate 
 WaveFormat.wBitsPerSample := 16;       // 16-bit samples

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