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Kwame asked:

I would like to create a 4 html component template to learn languages with supermemo. I would like 1 element to contain the transliteration of the Hebrew word, the 2nd element to contain the Hebrew world written in the Hebrew alphabet (script), the 3rd element to contain the french translation of the Hebrew word, and the 4th element to contain the English translation of the Hebrew word.

As an example I would like one flash card to contain:

Question Side:

element 1:
element 2:

Answer Side:

element 3:
element 4:


I would like to house each element in a concept -- As in element 1 (Hebrew transliteration), element 2 (Hebrew Script), element 3 (french), element 4 (english)

I would like these concepts to be set up in such a way that I can choose to study flashcards with elements 3&4 (or any order of elelements such as 1&2) in such a way that I can choose to place one concept on the question side and one question on the answer side.


Question Side:

element 1 (Hebrew transliteration)

Answer Side:

element 2 (Hebrew Script)

What I have asked to obtain is possible under Anki thus I imagine it is possible under SuperMemo. -- If my questions are unclear I can provide an example of how to obtain this result in Anki as a means to answering this question in SuperMemo.

problem with the question

There are some terminological issues that make this question hard to understand, probably element should be replaced with component. It is unclear if concept is used as in SuperMemo terminology then. Does concept housing mean elements linked to a concept?

A video or step-by-step from Anki would help answer "by analogy".

It should be easy to create elements (items or topics) with 4 HTML components. Those can be stored as templates.

To put concept on a question side quarrels with SuperMemo terminology. Concepts are types of elements in SuperMemo. See the answer below, possibly it should suffice if you used the popular term concept as idea (or similar).

Answer 1

These are the basic skills needed to accomplish the task:

You can place your components anywhere on the element. You can place many components of different types and sizes. You can have them displayed at different moments in the repetition cycle. This should meet all your needs described above in reference to "sides" and "components".

If you need to ask questions in which individual components will play the role of the answer, use Duplicate (on the element menu) and change Display At attributes accordingly. You can use Alt+D for Duplicate.

Answer 2

The whole process can be simplified dramatically if you use incremental reading. The simplest approach is to describe your element as text and then use cloze deletion. This is faster and will work better in terms of memory success!

Follow up: Using incremental reading

How can I handle multi-component questions with incremental reading?