Commander forgets to stay in the command field

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  • The page SuperMemo Commander help incorrectly states that the keyboard shortcut Alt+U moves the cursor to the Custom name text input field, and that Alt+R will rename a command. Neither of these shortcuts work.
  • As stated on the page: A_single_search_field_in_Commander_should_search_both_default_names_AND_custom_names, SM is supposed to remember that you were using the custom names list, requiring you to only press Tab once per session. However, if you open Commander then Cancel without issuing a command, SM forgets you were using the custom name list -- next time you open Commander the cursor will be back in the command input field instead of the custom name input field.

reproducing the problem

  • Alt+U seems to work correctly. Perhaps one of your windows shortcuts overrides this accelerator?
  • problem with Alt+R also cannot be reproduced
  • only the bug with Cancel can be reproduced as long as the button is pressed (Esc does not seem to have this effect)


Many shortcuts will not work while editing HTML only because SuperMemo needs to define its own keyboard handler. As commander is used for various editing commands, it cannot just backout from HTML edits. Alt based shortcuts are only needed for "commander housekeeping". For those the HTML editor does not need to be active.

User response

I have now tested the Alt+U and Alt+R shortcuts when accessing Commander in both editing mode and presentation mode. As per the hypothesis above, both shortcuts work in presentation mode and both fail in editing mode.