Changing one texts reformats all similar texts

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The problem is that the appearance of html-text entered in a element based on a template created from scratch changes the appearance of the same text in other elements using different templates.

The way I created the multiplication-template was this:

  1. Created new category "Multiplication"
  2. Added a new item
  3. deleted the components in it
  4. created 5 new html-components in it
  5. created new font in component 1 with bigger font size and different color; repeated this for the other components as well
  6. Saved this as a new template "Multiplication" (tried it with "saved with objects" as well, but it didn't make a difference for the problem)
  7. Linked the category "Multiplication" with the template "Multiplication"
  8. Created some elements (10x11=110, 11x11=121,...) with Alt+A, which worked fine.
  9. When I did some repetitions, I got to a non-Multiplication-element (based on template "Item") which had as answer the text "12". This number suddenly appeared with the same font-size as the number "12" in the Multiplication-elements. I checked the text-registry for other elements with numbers in it, and I found the same behaviour for all numbers I had just entered in the Multiplication-table


  • SuperMemo uses one-text-one-formatting principle for HTML (otherwise you would get hundreds of files for formatting "yes" or "12", etc.). There are no plans to change that approach, esp. that it would require rethinking of the registry concept (i.e. major restructuring of how SuperMemo works)
  • the simplest solution for specific situations is to make texts unique, e.g. instead of yes, you can use yes (e.g. Port Sudan) or yes (e.g. sodium)
  • if you want to make sure a uniform formating is used, you could use a plain text component for the multiplication table, or use stylesheets within the multiplication table template