Changing font in Advanced English

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Advanced English 2018

Right click to open the component menu, click Font, and change the font.

Advanced English 2017

To change the font do the following:

  • use Template : Save as template on the element menu
  • choose a name (e.g. "My template")
  • choose Text : Style : New style on the component menu
  • choose a name (e.g. "My style")
  • click Font, change the font and click OK

To apply the template in a new element use Template : Apply template (Ctrl+Shift+M) and choose your template (e.g. "My template").

You can also apply the template to an entire branch, however, keep in mind the following:

  • be sure your template does not obscure pictures (e.g. use an element with pictures as the default)
  • do not apply the template to items of incompatible type (e.g. spelling exercises)

To apply your template to many elements, use the browser, and Process browser : Template : Apply template on the browser menu.