Bug: SuperMemo window disappears after pressing Esc

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From: Harvey R.
Country: UK
Sent: 15th of August, 2021
Subject: Bug: SuperMemo window disappears after pressing Esc


First of all, please accept my apologies for these peculiar bug reports. I understand that the chances of someone coming across these are slim, but I decide to report them in the hopes that they will lead you to discover something that is potentially dangerous.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch SuperMemo
  2. Ctrl+P to open Plan
  3. Make a change in the plan (e.g., edit the name of an activity), and do not save/close Plan
  4. Click on the Element window
  5. Switch to a different collection (e.g., via File : Open collection)
  6. You should now get a dialogue box which displays something like "Save changes to C:\SuperMemo\plans\Aug 15, 2021, Sun.txt?"
  7. Click on No
  8. Open the Contents window (e.g., Alt+C)
  9. Press Esc
  10. Press Esc again
  11. SuperMemo has disappeared from your screen


  • Other than shutting SuperMemo from the taskbar, I haven't been able to find a way which recovers the SuperMemo window.


You may find a problem that is hard to generate in real life, but the problem may involve some underlying fix that affects many functions. In this case, it might be an issue with parental ownership (if Plan is owned by Element window, switching collections may lead to unexpected behaviors). This is why such cases should be studied.

If you happen to "hide" your SuperMemo, you could try:

  • Alt+F4
  • (not relevant here) see if you did not press a shortcut that pushed SuperMemo to be hidden in the system tray