Bug: SuperMemo does not close if Plan window is open

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SuperMemo does not close if Plan window is open


Basically, when you close SuperMemo (by clicking the red X) whilst having Plan open (via Ctrl+P), SuperMemo will remain turned on.


Harvey R.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open SuperMemo
  2. Launch Plan (e.g., via Ctrl+P)
  3. Close SuperMemo by clicking the red X (the one that is at the top right corner of the Window)
  4. SuperMemo will remain turned on. You can check this by using one of the following methods:
    1. Opening up the Windows Task Manager, and finding that sm18 (32 bit) is still running
    2. If you have the SuperMemo Status bar (from Window : Status bar) turned on, you will notice that it remains there (despite the fact that you have closed down SuperMemo in the 3rd step)!
  5. Interestingly, using Alt+F4 (if pressed TWICE), instead clicking the red X, does not reproduce this bug!
    1. This could be because the initial Alt+F4 closes Plan. Then, the second time you press Alt+F4, SuperMemo application is shut down. See Problem 2 on this page.


It is an interesting find. Easy to reproduce. Plan dialog would probably be safer if it was modal, but someone has just suggested that Plan and tasklists should be available at the same time. As Plan is collection independent, it can be used in another collection while working with a tasklist. This means there are two options:

  • make Plan and tasklists modal (two collections needed for working simultaneously)
  • make Plan and tasklist modeless with a potential for dozens of new bugs that are hard to spot (like the one reported)

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