Bug: Split generates different results

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From: Guillem Palau
Country: Spain
Sent: 2021/04/18 (y/m/d)
Subject: Bug: Split generates different results


I noticed that splitting an article, for instance Modern_Stoicism, by just "Heading <h2>" is producing a different results (more splits) than splitting by a custom string and typing in "<h2>" (note it is case insensitive). The extra splits are from other headings that are not checked, such as h3.

I was suspecting something as I did imported some books converted to HTML and the splitting was not resulting as expected. I usually use the custom string filter option as it is a heading but with some specific CSS class. One book really didn't had a class and the split with "Heading <h2>" was weird. Hence I tried with the next Wikipedia article I wanted to import.


  • isn't most convenient to mark split points with Alt+Shift+H and split by default
    • I do this sometimes, specially if I just need a bunch of manual splits. Not so prone on doing it when I can easily automate it on well structured documents, plus the quantity are easily in the hundreds.
  • why are deeper splits unwelcome at Wikipedia?
    • That is not the case. For other documents, that behavior is specially unwelcome. I was using machine generated HTML, so not the best case to report the inconsistency. I mentioned Wikipedia as I know it is a source of clean well-structured HTML. So, I use it as a guarantee that the split command makes different results for selecting H2 and custom string:H2.