Beta-testing XML in Advanced English 2014 project

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From: marjur
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Sent: May 15, 2014
Subject: Beta-testing AE2014


I'd be interested in beta-testing Advanced English 2014. However, I'm not sure if I can be considered useful for the testing procedure. This is so because I'm not using original AE2002 sounds and I've actually deleted many original sound entries from the sound registry, sometimes replacing them with my own sounds. I've also modified some definitions in a number of entries.

However, if you think that this doesn't matter and that I can still help you to test the new version, I'd be happy to join in. If I were to test it, what would the testing consist of? would it be just "installing, using, and seeing what happens" or would some extra special procedures be required?


The purpose of beta-testing is to make sure that many scenarios are covered. The goals is to help all users of older versions of Advanced English to capitalize on 10 years of work in debugging, improving, updating, and re-prioritizing the material. The more changes you have introduced to your collection, the more interesting your case should be. It is impossible to predict what challenges might be posed by your collection. This is where beta-testing process comes in. To qualify for beta-testing, you will primarily need to accept that this process can require a lot of patience in downloading, backing up, copying, updating and re-updating your collection. Due to the size of the material, each error in the process may involved restoring your collection from the backup. It is hard to say how many long-drawn steps it will take to bring your upgrade to a satisfactory point, and even if full satisfaction is possible.

Thank you in advance for participation.