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Subject: How do I mass import media (pictures and mp3) to elements for language acquisition?


I am currently learning a foreign language.

I have a vocab list in Q&A format:

Q: vocab_1
A: Translation

Q: vocab_2
A: Translation

Q: vocab_3
A: Translation

I also have the following materials in a folder:



My question is, how do I mass import all of these materials into SuperMemo? With the end result like the following:

Front: vocab_1
Back: translation with the corresponding image (vocab_1_image.jpeg) and mp3( vocab_1_pronunciation.mp3) in registry.

Thank you!


You need to create an XML import file in the following form, and import it into a newly created collection with File : Import : XML Import

                absolute path to vocab_1_image.jpeg on your disk
                absolute path to vocab_1_pronunciation.mp3 on your disk

Update from Original poster

Thank you very much! It works perfectly!

However, the import report shows "Element does not have an ID number". Should it be of concern? What negative effect it might have?

Besides, what should the input in <Answer>T</Answer> be? Do I have to change it or leave it be?

Additional info

If anyone is wondering how to mass generate XML, Excel could do it. Just google XML in Google. Cheers!