Algorithm SM-17

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See: Algorithm SM-17 in SuperMemo 17



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Original text

The original text at SuperMemopedia was being written collaboratively between Mar 2015 and May 2016 to collect feedback on the future of spaced repetition in SuperMemo. You can see older version of the text by clicking View history.


March 2015: This text refers to a concept, not to a product. Algorithm SM-17 is a designation of the new spaced repetition algorithm in development at SuperMemo World. The name does not imply association with SuperMemo 17. Those two software products are developed independently. In particular, publishing of Algorithm SM-17 will not indicate that SuperMemo 17 for Windows is imminent. Similarly, SuperMemo 17 may still be based on or include older versions of the algorithm.

First implementation

May 2016: After 14 months of testing, SuperMemo 17 for Windows is the first implementation of Algorithm SM-17. SuperMemo 17 runs both algorithms in parallel: Algorithm SM-15 and Algorithm SM-17. In case of discrepancies, you have the option of picking the algorithm that shows better performance in your metric graph.