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Advanced English 2018 is the newest version of a product that was first released in 1992. Advanced English keeps evolving. The new version of Advanced English reflects changes in the language in recent years, fixes a large number of errors, improves the wording of items with the view to improved mnemonic quality (better retention), etc. Outdated terminology has been removed or deprioritized. New terms have been added.

See a short demo @YouTube.


This version adds a great deal of sounds from Extreme English collection and new pictures submitted by users via Advanced English wiki to improve the mnemonic power of the collection.

Some statistics:

  • 20% increase in the number of sounds
  • 25% of sound files have been replaced with improved quality versions
  • 35% increase in the number of pictures


Advanced English 2018 is available in SuperMemo 17 format.

If you have SuperMemo 16, consider Advanced English 2014.

Advanced English 2014 includes an XML version, but there are XML specs differences with freeware versions of SuperMemo, and imports to older versions can be tricky.

Free update

Users who ordered Advanced English 2014 between Mar 1, 2017 and Mar 1, 2018 can receive the new version free.

More information

Technical information and FAQs relevant to Advanced English 2014 are still mostly valid in Advanced English 2018.

Upgrade help

If you would like to upgrade your old Advanced English without losing your corrections, pictures, or templates, please get in touch by mail to receive help. You will need:

  • your old Advanced English
  • Advanced English 2018
  • SuperMemo 17
  • SuperMemo 16, if your Advanced English is in any format older than SuperMemo 16
  • SuperMemo 2004, if your Advanced English is in any format older than SuperMemo 2004
  • other tools, if you are using version from before 1998

The following information would be helpful:

  • number of items memorized
  • degree of your own text editing
  • estimated number of your own added pictures and sounds
  • if you mix your English with other knowledge in the same collection

Basic FAQ

Advanced FAQs

Other FAQs


Advanced English can be transferred to other SuperMemos or applications as long as they support XML specs used in SuperMemo 16/17.

See: SuperMemo data exchange via XML