"Nothing more to learn" after a PC restart

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In case of "Nothing more to learn" due to a power failure or PC reset, you may need to wait for the new day for the outstanding queue to be rebuilt (unless you use a hack workaround below). Run Repair collection.


Arjan from Netherlands wrote on Sep 21, 2017:

Today I got the following problem after my PC restarted whilst running SuperMemo.
The bottom bar indicated there are still elements/topics to remember but when pressing learn I get the message Nothing more to learn.
Also after a full repair the problem remains.
Any chance of getting this corrected or must I go to a previous backup?


If you back up and run Repair collection, things should go back to normal. If you find nothing suspect in your collection, you can probably resume learning without the need to use the backup (in case of a power blackout, 90-95% of cases result only in damage to temporary data that can be restored easily).

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Follow up

User: Failed Solution

After a Full Repair on the same day the problem still exists.

User: Solution

After midnight shift and the full repair (from the previous day) SuperMemo was working again :-)

Hack workaround

SuperMemo INI files contain a variable Learning : Outstanding day. If you set it to 0, you can force an outstanding queue rebuild. You need to be careful when editing INI files. Wrong edits can cause further problems.

Technical comment

Outstanding queue is rebuild on a new day and in the following cases:

  • various collection reset contexts
  • changing the midnight shift that affects the date

Repair collection does not build a new outstanding queue. If it was lost, e.g. due to power failure, the "recovery" will occur only on the next day.

Report excerpt

SuperMemo 17 (Build 17.21, May 15, 2017)

Time: Sep 21, 2017, Thu, 09:26

--------------------COLLECTION STATISTICS

Collection       e:\supermemo\systems\arjan pms

Date             9/21/2017 (Thu)

First day        10/2/2013

Period           3yr 11mth 20 days

Memorized        2,178 el. (100.0%)

Memorized items  2,008 it. (92.2%)

Memorized topics 170 top. (7.8%)

Memorized/Day    1.3839 it/day

Total            5,740 el.

Items            4,669 it.

Topics           1,071 top.

Outstanding      60+71 el.

Review           -

Protection       I=95.87 T=95.5567

Retention        91.9044%